Synonymous Oxymoron

February 16th, 2012 § 0 comments

Non-Photography Post

There is a word going around that I refuse to use, and I cringe just thinking of using it in this article. It is very popular with Teens and Tweens, but this concept is not new among youths.

Generations of teenagers have taken common words and ‘reinvented’ them with their own meaning and use. Words like ‘boss’, ‘righteous’ , ‘cool’, and ‘bad’ come to mind, but this one, in particular, is different. I had never heard it before (and really hoped it would die faster than it was thought up) and had no clue what it meant. I thought it was unique until today. That word is Swag (I just threw up in my mouth to get rid of the bad taste).

This word, for lack of better words, is an insult to my intelligence, and I have been fortunate not to have people use it in my presence. That was until today when it was used by a 59 year old man.

I was shocked! But, I had to hear his explanation. He was getting ready to dig around my telephone and fiber cables, and we were talking about engineers and how things on paper don’t always line up in the field. There was an approximate number of feet that needed to be dug for the job to be completed, and Mike said that they use to call ‘approximations’, SWAG in the old days.

I asked him what it meant, and he said it stood for: Scientific Wild Ass Guess

I laughed. He probably thought I was nuts, but I told him he made my day. All I could think about was that swag was synonymous with an oxymoron and how it was not an original word. I told him that kids were using it today, and that I has no idea what it meant.

I take words and their meanings seriously. These word trends come and go, but we will have to suffer through it. I know there will be other worthless use of syllables that will spew from the mouths of our youth, but I really hope this one will soon be forgotten.

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