Greetings, my name is Joseph Ferreira.

20120314-230426.jpgI have been shooting photography on and off since 1999, but lately I have jumped back in shooting with Digital and 35mm.

My interests are in architecture, landscapes, and fine art photography. I am very partial to monochrome because of my early exposure in college.

What is Minimalist Photography? It is a simple form of composition that is opposite from a busy or crowded photograph. Here is an example:

The image directs your eyes to the bottom right corner of the photograph that has most of the detail. There is detail in the rest of the photograph but it is minimal.

I wanted to illustrate what Minimalist Photography was, and not confuse people by calling myself a Minimalist Photographer. I do enjoy that style of photography, but I am referring to my process in photography.

Photographers today have many options when it comes to software and hardware, but it does not matter what you use as long as you and others around you enjoy your photos. I enjoy creating the composition, but I am not fond of the editing process. I have software that I use to remove blemishes and change the look of the photos; I can spend many hours editing to create the perfect photos, but I do not enjoy that process of photography. I want to create the settings in my camera and produce photos that I am proud of with little editing as possible.

This also spills into hardware. I have heard many photographers say, “It is not the equipment that makes great photographs, it is the photographer.” It is so true. There are professionals who can take point and shoot cameras and create works of art. I do not have the latest and greatest camera bodies, lenses, and software at my disposal, so I am challenged to create photographs that can stand up against those who do.

I started shooting in 35mm Black and White in college, so it holds a place in my heart and influences my style. Here is a photo that I took in college, and it has become one of my favorites. I hope to add some encouragement and challenge the way photos are taken.


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