Simple Portraiture

Here are some examples of portrait photography and how you can use what available.

I needed a portrait or myself for my blog and other websites that featured my work, so I enlisted my father-in-law to help me.

You do not need a studio or very much equipment to create great portraits.  Experiment with your surroundings, and do not let what you do not have limit you.


  1. Camera
  2. Tripod
  3. Flash
  4. Flash Trigger

I set up my tripod with the flash trigger and flash unit for an off-camera light source.  The on-camera flash will cast shadows and cause the image to go flat.

Next, I used a clean, white wall in my living room for my backdrop.  My father-in-law was my test subject, so I could get my settings, lighting, and angles right.

After I had taken a few shots and felt that I had everything right, I passed on the camera to my father-in-law.

Remember, photographers are usually not in their own photos, so pass the camera to someone you trust to get some great shots of yourself.

The final steps are in processing.  I created my own Lightroom preset for most of my photos, and it was based closely with in-camera settings I like to use.  Try to produce as much in-camera as you can so that the editing process is minimal.

I selected my preset and added a vignette for character.  Here are the results:

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