What Are The Odds?

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What Are The Odds?

Saturday was just the start of another day like all others. I am an amateur photographer, and everyday I try to go through hundreds of articles related to photography. This helps me personally so that I can learn, and I pass on information, that I feel is important, via Twitter and my blog.

One headline caught my attention, so I decided to read it. The photoessay was by a photographer, from the Netherlands, named Erikjan Koopmans. I usually do not go to articles that are about specific places, but this one about San Francisco was an exception. I was born in San Francisco, and it is one of my favorite places to visit when I go home to visit my family.

As I was scrolling down through the photo essay, I was pleasantly shocked to recognize two people I knew. It was my wife’s grandparents. I could not see there faces because they were shot from behind, but that did not stop me from fully recognizing them. I have often had to try and keep up with them whenever we were in the city.


I was the only one up that morning, so I sent my father-in-law an email and my sister-in-law a text with the link of the website. I did not tell them what I saw, but asked them to let me know what they saw. They both, along with my wife, recognized them right away.

What are the odds that a photographer, from the Netherlands, would photograph my family in San Francisco, and that I would find the site?

I decided to contact Erikjan, and let him know what I found. I explained who I was and who he had captured in his photograph. I asked him for permission to repost the photo on my blog along with this story, and he agreed.

Check out Erikjan’s work:



iPhone Light Meter

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I recently found an app, for my iPhone, that was produced by Nuwaste Studios called Pocket Light Meter. This last weekend I went camping with a couple hundred Royal Rangers, and I took just as many photos as well.


The first thing I noticed about the app was that it was not fancy or nice looking. I downloaded another app that was very visually appealing, but it did not seam to work right. So, you cannot judge an app by its cover.

Reflective metering is very important if you want to have properly exposed images, but the combination of reflective and incident lighting (metering the light falling on an object or scene) is better. I have been using in-camera metering, and I have a 1940′s Weston Master II reflective light meter. So, I think I have the hang of reflective metering.

The second thing I noticed was the price: free. I did pay for the other app because I wanted to see if it worked. It sometimes amazes me on how many free apps are superior to the paid ones. There are in-app purchases that give more options and remove the adds (which I do not pay attention to anyway).

Practical – I decided to test the app against the in-camera metering on my Canon 30D and the Weston Master II. The first test was outside using a Kodak Grey Card with a overcast sky. Set to ISO 100 and F11, I got a shutter speed of 1/50 for the camera, 1/40 for the meter, and 1/25 for the app. Not bad.

The app does have an adjustment feature that allows you to make some corrections if desired. I made a full stop adjustment, and then I tested it again.

After the adjustment, I put the grey card away and made a meter of the scene. They all fell within a tenth of each other.

Next, I took the experiment inside. I adjusted the F-Stop to 1.8 and the ISO to 400, and was quite pleased with the results. They all had a shutter speed of around 1/40 of a second.

I do have to say that I am very impressed with this app for the iPhone. Not only is it very accurate, but it is also very easy to use. Having an affordable meter will help give amateur and pro photographers an extra tool in there arsenal without carrying extra tools.

Bower-X Folding and Tower Reflex Cameras

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Golden Gate with the Towerflex TRL

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Golden Gate with the Bower-X Camera

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