Growing Wild

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20120410-173854.jpgLook around! I almost missed this while I was walking. We can get wrapped up in our daily routines that we can miss simple beauty.

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The Sky Is Falling

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20120409-212802.jpgSo Facebook is acquiring Instagram for $1,000,000,000. Congrats Instagram!

If you do not know me, I am a huge Instagram user. It is my creative outlet and inspiration all from my iPhone.

I found Instagram before I had an iPhone when I purchased the first iPad, but I really took off with it after I got my phone. Today, I am 12 images shy of 1,200, and I am not about to throw it all away.

After the initial news let out that Facebook was buying Instagram, I started reading what people were saying about it, so I was not surprised when all the Google+ users claimed to have deleted their Instagram accounts.

Whenever there is a major announcement, the mob appears. They make wild speculations that the hard core Instagram users will delete there accounts (not this one), that Facebook is not going to make their money back (as if they cared), and that Facebook will trash Instagram.

For one billion dollars, would you trash a creative app community? I don’t think so. Who would have thought a smartphone app could fetch $1,000,000,000? Not I.

So, for all “The Sky Is Falling” crowd, take a chill pill and actually use the app. If Facebook decides to screw around then it is safe to say, “I told you so.”, but all I hear now is useless threats from people who don’t use Instagram at all.

I look forward to what is in store for our community, and I hope Instagram will remain its own entity. I cannot say enough of what Instagram has done for me creatively, and hopefully it will continue.

Pink Bloom

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Photo Contest Entry

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20120330-202357.jpgI do not enter photos in contests very often, but I decided to when my work started one. Most of my coworkers in my group know I am a photographer, but enterprise wide, this is an opportunity to put myself on the radar.

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What Camera

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20120324-193504.jpgWhat camera was used to take these images of the jewelry?

One images was captured by a Canon 30D, and the other was with an iPhone 3GS.

I’m A Photographer

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In My Photographic Opinion

Have you ever been asked, “Are you an amateur or pro photographer?”

I have often thought about this question. It is almost as popular as the camera question: “What camera do you use?” Most of the time it does not concern me, but there are those occasions when it rubs me the wrong way.

Labels have always been a part of human history. It is a way of identifying and being identified. Not all labels bad, but sometimes they can create negative emotions or divisions in people.

The labels in question are used to describe photographers, and they have often been used to divide them. An insecure photographer will often use it to create classes and leverage themselves over other photographers, especially in the realm of opinion. This was clearly a trend during the 19th and 20th centuries. But, as we have entered the 21st century, we have seen an explosion in education and collaboration amongst photographers, and an ever decreasing line between pro and non-pros.

When I am asked whether I am a pro or amateur, I simply say that I am a photographer. I say it unapologetically and boldly. I have also used this label on others when they try to explain themselves. Just say, “I’m a photographer.”

I am not trying to criticize, but simply express my opinion on the matter. I was asked once if I was a pro, and I simply answered, “Yes”. But, they questioned my answer by asking if I got paid. I said, “No”.

I thought about it for a moment and told them that it was like asking whether I was a prostitute or a lover. Both do the same thing, but one gets paid to do it. They laughed and saw my point. I do not think professional photographers are prostitutes, but it was the closest analogy I had to prove my point.

What are your thoughts? I’d like to hear them. Remember, do not be afraid to call yourself a photographer.

iPhone Photography Discussion On Camera Campus

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I listen to many podcasts while I work during the day, and 90% are photography related. As you can tell, I love photography, so I choose to listen to as much as I can. This helps my day go quickly, and I learn more by listening to others and by staying up to date with the latest news.
20120322-181451.jpgOne of the podcasts I listen to is produced by Keith Tharp called Camera Campus. Keith is a New Hampshire photographer, and he also co-hosts two other podcasts called Tiny Shutter and The Lens Wipe with Marc Sadowski.

Check him out at

And, you can hear our conversation here:

Gray Cards

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20120303-235205.jpgGray cards are an important tool in a photographers arsenal. They serve two purposes:

1. Exposure
2. White Balance

Ansel Adams helped develop the Zone System that consists of 10 stops of light from black to white. (You can google the Zone System for more information) Zone 5 is considered middle gray or 18% gray. Since cameras (as of yet) can only capture half the zones in an image, the photographer has to choose which zones that would give the best exposure.

Cameras and Light Meters (reflective) are programmed to meter a scene at 18% Gray, but not every scene or object has a gray to meter. The camera or light meter will try to give an approximate reading, but it can often be incorrect. The best choice in this scenario is to spot meter a gray card that is reflecting the light back at the camera or light meter.

20120304-001414.jpgHow do you use it? Let us use the image above as an example. I set a bowl against a dark background and had it sit under a 100 watt shop light using my iPhone camera. As you can see, my iPhone auto exposed the scene and blew out the bowl since the scene was mostly dark. The meters will lighten a dark scene and darken a light scene.

20120304-002221.jpgStart by placing the card in front of your subject. The light reflecting off the card will give a true reading of middle gray, and the photographer can choose the exposure needed.

20120304-002824.jpgI selected the X on the card, with my iPhone, because the focus requires contrasting elements to lock on to, and it was also one of the lightest parts of the card. A slr camera and light meter is different. The spot meter is aimed at the gray for a reading, and the photographer can focus on the X or remove the card and focus on the object.

20120304-003727.jpgRemove the card, and start taking pictures. You may need to adjust the card for better readings, but for the most part, your exposure should be correct.

As for the white balance, the gray card has also changed the color temperature to make the colors true. Tungsten, fluorescent, LED, sun, moon, and other types of light have their own color temperatures that can change the look of an image. White balance is different with each camera, so refer to your owners manual for more information.

Give the gray card a try, and you will be amazed at the differences that are made to you’re images.

Shadows And Light

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20120303-105724.jpgShadows are a blessing and a curse in photography. A good photographer will use them to their advantage.

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IG Exorcist

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Alright. For those of you who know, I am a huge Instagram fan, and I have many praises for it simplicity and usefulness. There are many things that I can write that I personally do not like, but I will feature one with a solution.

IG Ghosts. What are IG Ghosts? Instagram Ghosts are users who are there and not there at the same time. Meaning, Instagram users will friend you because they want to ‘follow’ as many people as possible. While they collect their next follow, they neglect to actually view or interact with the ones they already have.

Why would someone do that, you ask? They want to become ‘popular’. The likelihood that you get on the popular page increases when your following increases.

Lets use a 10% rule. If you ‘follow’ 10,000 users, then it is safe to say that 1000 (10%) will follow back. Out of that thousand, 100 (10%) will ‘like’ your crappy images. One hundred ‘likes’ will get you on the popular page. This line of thinking plagues teenagers and adults whose goal is to have their face, ‘wisdom’, or crappy images on the popular page.

So, what is the IG Exorcist? This is a site that accesses your IG account and looks through your followers for inactivity (ghosts). It was created by Michael Landers aka @mykel on Instagram. The site goes back 180, 120, 90, and 60 days and categorizes the ghosts into 4 separate reports for your viewing. Here is an example:

20120212-102836.jpg(this is an image of the people I follow because I already vanquished my ghosts)

How does it remove them? I contacted the developer and he told me that the program blocks and unblocks the ghosts to remove them from your account. He said that you can do it in the app yourself just that the program does it faster. I took some screenshots prior to and after the exorcism that you’ll see below:



This is an awesome solution to an annoying (not life threatening) problem. The process took about an hour because there were 76 users before me. I do not foresee this taking as long in the future as the number of users who use it plateaus, and I will probably do this every new year to maximize the process.

The site does ask to log into your account, so always take into consideration who or what you let have access. I was pleasantly surprised on how accurate and easy it was to vanquish my ghosts, so I highly recommend giving it a try.

You can check the site out and read more about it by going to:

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